Wednesday 17 September 2014

Day 8 - Tokyo Dome, Ikebukuro and Akihabara

Today we managed to squeeze in three areas of Tokyo, Tokyo Dome City, Ikebukuro and Akihabara.

Outside Tokyo Dome - the baseball stadium.

At the Tokyo Dome Store with a Tokyo Yomiuri Giants Puppet.
First up was Tokyo Dome City. The dome itself is a baseball stadium, home to the Tokyo Yomiuri Giants, but we didn't come here for the baseball, but rather the entertainment complex around it. They've built a shopping complex and theme park around the dome. One of the rides, a roller coaster, actually weaves it's way through some buildings and through the centre of a ferris wheel!

The roller coaster passes through the ferris wheel! 
The roller coaster passes around and through the building.
We decided to make our own lunch, picking up sandwich supplies from a local super market and using the seating from Starbucks to assemble our lunch. We did get some funny looks from the locals - but it was the only way we could ensure we got fed and it was vegetarian. It's really difficult trying to eat out here and be 100% sure you are not getting any meat or fish.

Vinnie preparing lunch.

Our lunch spot was outside Starbucks, Under The Dome (behind us).
We took the subway to Ikebukuro where we spent some time exploring the streets and soaking up the vibe of this district. The train station here is the second busiest in Japan and in the world, and we could see why.

Vinnie in Ikebukuro

Printing our names on a bag in MUJI - the store was MASSIVE.
Our finished print.


Having a pumpkin latte and pumpkin cake from Tully's Coffee - very seasonal.

In Ikebukuro
We rounded off the evening with a visit to the electronics district of Akihabara, also known as Akihabara Electric Town.

One of the many stores in Akihabara
There are literately 100's of electronic and gadget stores in this area covering 10s of floors each. It's the home with all things tech, manga and maid cafes (in here the women dress up like manga maids and serve their clients as if they are hosting them in their own home - it's all very odd).

Notice the maids in the centre - they are promoting their maid cafes.
This restaurant certainly was getting into the festive spirit of Autumn!

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