Thursday 11 September 2014

Day 2 - Tokyo Calling

After our 10 hour flight we finally made it to Tokyo at 5:30pm local time.
Our route from Dubai to Tokyo
We've almost lost a whole day between the travelling and time difference.

Our train ticket for the Narita Express - a lady in the line who speaks English fills this out so when paying, you don't need to speak. Very handy. 
Narita Airport is located miles outside of the Tokyo, the Narita Express Train took us over 1 hour to get into heart of Tokyo City. The train was rather empty, but very comfortable.

On board the Narita Express Train. It's very well organised, allocated seats which recline with lots of leg room. 
We had been given instructions on how to find out apartment from the owner, which is in the Shibuya area. We managed to find it and follow his instructions to self check ourselves in. The apartment is very comfortable and surprisingly very quiet given it's closeness to Shibuya.

Inside our rather spacious Tokyo apartment. A gem, found it on AirBnB. 
Feeling hungry we ventured out for a walk around the neon jungle which is Shibuya crossing, had some food, picked up some shopping and made it back for 1am and bed. Yes early to bed tonight, we've been awake some 36 hours and are wrecked! We've finally made it and are tired from the travelling. Our exploration starts in earnest tomorrow.

Shibuya Crossing at 11pm. Packed as ever. This is a ten minute walk from our front door. 
Only in Japan Starbucks, Caramel Pudding Frappuccino and Caramel Custard Espresso Latte!

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