Tuesday 23 September 2014

Day 14 - Last full day in Dubai

After another massive breakfast and some 4 hours by the pool we decided to venture out to the IBN Battuta Mall, which is located almost at the end of the red metro line.

Relaxing by the Pool
The desert from our 22nd floor room
The ride there alone is interesting enough as you pass straight through and past all the sights of the city. Things are rather flat out this way where the city disappears and the desert really dominates.

The end of the metro line - not as many sky scrapers out this way

The sky scrapers of Dubai Marina in the distance

The area hasn’t changed a single bit in the three years we’ve been visiting Dubai. You still have to cross the sand to get from the metro station, over a motor way and a building site to reach the IBN Battuta Mall. Dubai is a city build for cars and not pedestrians.

At the IBN Battua Mall
The mall is named after an Arab scholar who travelled 120,00KM in the 14th century. It’s divided up into six themed areas depicting areas of the world he visited on his voyages ranging from China to Andalusia. This is another big mall and from the looks of the car park it’s undergoing some reconnection or a possible extension as it was a building site.

Inside the worlds largest shopping mall - The Dubai Mall

Inside the worlds largest shopping mall - The Dubai Mall
Taking a metro back Downtown, we spend the rest of the evening eating our way around the Dubai Mall followed by one last viewing of the spectacular dancing Dubai Mall Fountains.

Vinnie in front of The Dubai Mall Aquarium 

Patrick in front of The Dubai Mall Aquarium
It’s our last night in Dubai, we pack up tomorrow and head back to Dublin in the afternoon.

Under the worlds tallest building - The Burj Khalifa


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