Sunday 21 September 2014

Day 12 - Mall Hopping

Another very relaxing day here in Dubai which started off with the delicious buffet breakfast from our hotel. It's the typical international selection including Arab and Indian favourites. We had curry and pancakes.

Pancakes for breakfast
After some hours spent by pool we popped out to The Mall of the Emirates, another crazy large mall, this one contains the Ski Slope and penguins! Being built opposite it is the Mall of The World, which when finished in ten years will be the worlds new largest mall complete with in door theme park and tram. 

A new store which has opened here (since our last visit) is Hollister. It's the first Abercrombie brand to open in the region so we had to pay a visit. 

Hollister at Mall of the Emirates
A few hours later to took the metro to the Mall of Dubai for an evening coffee. Everywhere stays open until 11pm or later here before retiring early feeling very relaxed. 

Snow, ice and Ski Dubai behind us.


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