Monday, 15 September 2014

Day 6 - Tokyo Skytree

We took the train to Asakusa/Sumida to visit the new Tokyo Skytree Tower. It opened in 2012 and currently stands as the worlds tallest tower at 634 meters high and the worlds second tallest structure after the Burj Khalifa in Dubai.
Tokyo Skytree (not our photo)
It contains a full entertainment complex and shopping mall at it's base and within the tower observational decks and restaurants. Although the main purpose of the tower is to broadcast digital TV and radio to the surrounding city.

On the way we picked up a Soya Matcha Green Tea and Adzuki Smoothie from Mr Bean at Shibuya Station. It was vegan and very delicious. The chain originates from Singapore and we actually enjoyed their soya based drinks before when visiting there.

Our Vegan Treat-  Soya Matcha Green Tea and Adzuki Smoothie
Vinnie cooling down under the Skytree
The view up to the 350 metre first viewing deck.
They operate an odd system to obtain tickets. You need to pick up a timed ticket to buy a ticket. We arrived after 2pm and our slot was between 4:30pm and 5:00pm. However that time flew by as there is just so much to do in the entertainment, shopping and eating complexes at the base of the tower.
Views of the surrounding area under the Skytree. 
We enjoyed a vegetarian Indian meal whilst waiting for our slot to buy a ticket.
We did have to queue for half an hour, but the wait was worth it. The views from the top where absolutely incredible. We made it up to the 350 metre high level, which is made up of three floors, the lowest of which contains a glass floor. For another €7 you can get a ticket up another 100 metres.

These interactive displays are available to use for free explaining the buildings you are looking out at.
Tokyo Disneyland and Seas can be seen in the distance. Look out for the mountain. 
A kids show was put on whilst we were there. These three characters are the mascots for the Skytree.
Vinnie made a new friend. 
Over 300 metres down from the glass floor.

It was dark by the time we descended. We walked over to the neighbouring Asakusa area to visit the Sensō-ji temple, the oldest Buddhist temple in Tokyo dating back to the year 628.

Crossing the Sumida River to the Asakusa area. In the background the Asahi building with it's golden flame and Tokyo Skytree.

In front of the Sensō-ji temple entrance gate.

The pagoda beside the temple. 
After a nice walk around the neon backstreets of the area, we headed back home to eat and head out for a drink to round off the day.

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