Saturday 20 September 2014

Day 11 - Arrival into Dubai

What an 11 hours - the flight seemed to take forever to reach Dubai. We flew overnight and landed around 4am local time. From our entire flight of over 200 people only 4 or 5 of us were staying in Dubai, the rest using the airport as a transfer hub.

Our routing back to Dubai
The desert view from our room. Straight ahead but not seen are the world islands. 
The worlds tallest building.
The dancing water fountain at The Dubai Mall
Picked up some supplies at Waitrose
A The Dubai Mall

As it was too early for the metro we took a taxi to the hotel. We have returned to the Crowne Plaza. It's our favourite as we get early check in, late check out, lots of points with IHG, an apartment style room with dining area and kitchen and its beside the metro station, just two stops from the worlds tallest building and largest shopping mall. 

It's as warm as ever here, daily temperatures exceed 40 degrees Celsius with humidity over 80%. Any exposure to the heat and you sweat buckets immediately.

After an early check in and sleep we lounged by the pool before heading to downtown Dubai and the Dubai mall. 

The Dubai Mall is massive, it's simply impossible to begin to describe the size of the place, except to say it's like a city, with over 1,200 shops. If you get tired of walking around it you can hail a taxi to drive you from store to store. 

Dubai for us will be all about relaxing, soaking up the sun and unwinding after fitting a lot in last week in Tokyo. 

We spent the evening at the mall, watched the fountain show and ate Indian food. We rounded off the evening with a visit to the hotels night-club Zinc. 

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