Sunday, 14 September 2014

Day 5 - Harajuku

We didn't wake up until 4pm today, granted we didn't get to bed until after 7am this morning after a night at the AgeHa club. It gets dark here before 6pm so we didn't have much light to explore, but thankfully the city does come alive with neon lights when it gets dark.
The Shinto Shrine being carried through the streets of Shibuya
Upon leaving the apartment we noticed a little commotion, it turned out to be a street possession of a Shinto Shrine. The devotees carry the shine in a funny little waddle with flute players and drummers leading the way. Everyone is dressed in robes. Locals dressed in traditional clothing clapped as it passed by. It was really good fun.

We choose to visit the Harajuku area, made famous by the clothing style worn by the girls who shop and hang out in this area. The main street, Takeshita Dori is a 400 metre stretch of shop after shop selling the decorative and odd clothing the Harajuku girls like to wear.
Takeshita Dori Street in Harajuku

Green Tea McFlurry

We did partake in a purchase, but of the food variety. Calbee, the crips maker, have a store along the street where they make and sell fresh potato chips. We had ours topped with cream cheese and maple syrup. It was actually very nice.

Vinnie outside the Calbee+ Crips Store

Cream Cheese and Maple Syrup Fresh Crips
It's rather mainstream around the rest of the area, with stores such as Topman, GAP and American Eagle. However, the Harajuku street area is a maze of little boutiques, rather similar to the lanes in Brighton.
It's rather mainstream around Harajuku too - AEO above. 
We visited the streets of Sinjunku where I managed to try on the new iPhone 6 for size. All the gadgets stores here are drumming up the excitement of the new phones launch next week with most offering mock live sized cut outs to try out for size!
The neon stree Sinjunku

Trying the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus out for size


We rounded the night off with a drink in Shinjuku Ni-chōme before stocking up on lovely cream puff  choux pastry - they are soooo good.

These are filled with vanilla custard - incredible.

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